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                                                                                           by Barry Chamish

     On January 2, 2014 Jerome Corsi released his book Hunting Hitler: New Scientific Evidence That Hitler Escaped Nazi Germany on Amazon and I had him on my radio show to
discuss his thesis that once again evil triumphs when utilizing stealth, resources and lots of money Adolph Hitler staged his suicide and lived a long life to its natural end in Argentina.
     To those who thought this was just another wacko conspiracy theory, almost two years later the History Channel released its multi-episode series Hunting Hitler, bringing this fringe thinking
 to the mainstream. Though it lifted the series title from Corsi's book, he received no credit. But he was acknowledged. I had to have him back on my show and it went splendidly. Jerome agreed:

Thanks, Barry
You did a good job last night.
I enjoyed it.

Hear the radio show:    

    The History Channel's ongoing series and Corsi's book agreed on the basic facts: After staging his suicide, Hitler left his bunker by rail for Tempelhof Airport where he flew to safety in
Spain. It's leader Franco owed Hitler bigtime for bombing his enemies during the civil war a decade earlier and was loyally repaying debts due.
     Ally two was the Catholic church. From the mid to late '40s, the Franciscans (along with the Dominicans), in what is known as the Ratlines, hid in their monasteries over a hundred thousand
Nazis, before smuggling them to freedom worldwide. We shall return to the Vatican shortly, but there is one divergence between Corsi and the History Channel. Corsi blames the USA through
its agent Allen Dulles for Operation Paperclip, which brought thousands of Nazis to America. As he said in our latest interview, this is one track the History Channel will never follow. But he did
and there was listener response:

Be not amazed that Allen Dulles would work in coordination with the Nazis.  Dulles was a Knight of Malta, as was Nazi Reinhard Gehlen.  Gehlen's "expert intelligence" provided the basis for the beginning of the CIA.  The Sovereign Military Order of Malta is in absolute obedience to the pope, through the black pope.  The Nazis and the papacy were in a formal agreement, a marriage of convenience, the agreement being called the Reichskonkordat.  (This concordat between the pope and Germany is in force to this day).  Be also certain that William Joseph "Wild Bill" Donovan, who founded the CIA from the OSS was a Knight of Malta and was bestowed with two very prestigious medals from the Vatican for a lifetime of service advancing the cause of the papacy.  It is not absurd to believe that this service included the merging of the nascent CIA with the world-wide Vatican intelligence network.  Know also that for a Knight of Malta, his highest allegiance is to the papacy which preempts his allegiance to an entity such as the US Government, which is considered by the papacy to be a de facto government and not a de jure government because it was not considered to be officially in subjection to the pope.  Long story short, it should not be considered surprising that the CIA and the Vatican ratlines worked together since they all worked for the cause of the papacy in the world.

Reinhard Gehlen stored and hid information about Hitler's foreign intelligence service. With some help in the Vatican, some documents been faked, to prove that some of the leaders of the OSS (Office of Strategic Services, World War II forerunner of the Central Intelligence Agency) were not trustworthy, but had cooperated with the NAZIs. Gehlen funneled his true and the faked information to the American Military (much via Allen Dulles). Reinhard Gehlen offered his help, to integrate the still existing organization Fremde Heere Ost (FHO) into a new American and German foreign secret service, especially since America had no such organization throughout Russia and Asia.
Now watch there are two brothers in Europe in excellent positions and there are two brothers in America in excellent positions:
Giovanni Gehlen and Reinhard Gehlen in Europe
John Foster Dulles (Eisenhower's secretary of state) and Allen Welsh Dulles, who helped to dissolve the OSS and started heading the CIA.
    Corsi and the History Channel converge with minor differences in Spain where Hitler was first given refuge at the Samos Monastery before taking a longer restful stay in Franco's summer
home in Vigo, Galicia. From there Hitler got on a U-Boat submarine for a trip to Argentina where a network of some 60,000 Nazi loyalists, sheltered him to his dying day. Without the Vatican's
connivance, Hitler could not have escaped. Let us remind you of its role in the slaughter of my people:

Phelps: Of the single greatest crime against humanity in the history of all humanity: (1939-1945) That Pope Pius XII with the full knowledge and tacit support of Jesuit Superor-General Wlodimir Ledochowski did hand to the Hitler and Himmler a complete blueprint for the systematic elimination of key non-Catholic minorities across Europe as well as the establishment of death camps for their murder. Furthermore, the Pope did instruct that ethnic Jews and other heretics were not simply to be murdered, but ritually sacrificed by being burnt alive, consistent with church law on the penalty of heresy. That this plan was to commence immediately and be overseen by the full Jesuit ordained priests of the SS. This plan was called the Final Solution. 

As a result of the specific orders by Pope Pius XII, the German command devised an ingenious method of rendering Jews and other heretics unconscious through gas chambers within a matter of a couple of minutes using Zyklon-B produced by Catholic Pharmaceutical company Bayer. Victims were then restrained unconscious on stretchers and carted to massive furnaces in which they were placed fully alive, 

whereupon they would awaken screaming 
as they were burnt alive in the furnace.
     Me: Taking the most extreme report and hoping the truth is less gruesome, the gas doesn't kill, it stupefies. You are shoveled into the oven where you await the ultimate punishment for being a Jew. You are awakened by the soaring heat, you are conscious long enough to know where you are, you screech then watch the skin of your face dissolve. You live just long enough to watch your body char in the searing flames.

     As ghastly as the Corsi/History Channel reports are, both missed another actor is this drama of raw evil and the reason Adolph Eichman, locked in a sound-proof box, was the only Nazi ever convicted by an Israel court:

    The Labor Zionists cut a deal called The Transfer Agreement in which the Nazis agreed to ban all German Jewish parties but Labor Zionism in return for a massive no boycott of the Nazis after. Read the excellent book by Edwin Black before you mock the accusation. Without Labor Zionism, there would not have been the Holocaust as we know it.
     Look what the head of Labor Zionists and thus world Jewry, Chaim Weizmann, said before the Holocaust began:
    "I told the British Royal Commission, Weizmann is quoted (on pages 19-20) by Hecht as telling the Zionist Congress in 1937,
that the hopes of Europe's six million Jews were centered on emigration. I was asked "Can you bring six million Jews to Palestine?" I replied, "No" ... The old ones will pass... they were dust, economic and moral dust in a cruel world...
     Or, so sorry. Only those Jews who disembark in Palestine get to survive. The other 4 million, they're of no use to us and thus are "dust."
     And he was the leader of the Jews and that was his policy. He gave Hitler a free pass to mass murder.

   Read Corsi's book, hear our interview, watch Hunting Hitler and then understand that your reality has been altered. Evil is running the show.


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