Tuesday, November 03, 2015


Hi !

This is your future and that of your children: a bullet in the heart. If you just don't engage against the 'Matrix', whatever one calls that.

There's so many things I'd like to tell but very hard times around !!

The purpose of life is to build families and raise children so that they won't experience the dead ends we did unfortunately engage in with no end.

Human societies are far from being 'evolved' and in reality, they step back with each and every generation although they proudly believe that they are 'the best' ... No way !!

Glasses are everywhere on the eyes of 99.99% of human beings. Drop your glasses. Quit the business of looking like ... anything else than who Nature made you, a Woman, a Man, a Mother, a Father, an erssential part in  the family business, no mafia but life, no stereotype but you, yourself, and noone else.

This is the goal of being a human, that is not that different of being an animal, except you are able to chose your way, with Nature (/God) or against. No middleway. Forward or backward. And until a majority of individuals, you, you & you don't get it, we're all sliding into the abyss designed for us all by the ones who enjoy power.

People wake up and do sthg because it's already late, we're late, very late on the good path. The world is under control, already, not tomorrow, now. The real world is waiting for us to come back on the right track, quickly, believe me.

If you don't understand that, you're lost, FOREVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I don't know but, in the doubt, we've all got one life, maybe more but this is the one where we can act, where we have the UNIQUE & EXTRAORDINARY possibility to get it right and do it ...
YES WE CAN, but not with O but with H.

God be blessed, God bless.


 The greatest ennemy of man is what he seeks the most: stability. Stability in his material life. This is a great mistake because man is built-in to live in a naturally instable world. Materiality by essence is not stable and looking for stability in materiality is a big error. The one and only stability is in spirit, not in matter. The body and the mind are devices to continually use the natural instability and made them follow the spirit's stability guideline.

Wanting that the body and the mind evolve into stability themselves is making of yourself a slave, a degenerated human who cannot cope anymore with one's nature that is created to move all the time, to adapt to new conditions, to learn how the changes can occur but not to create an artificial environment that is stable in order to feel 'secure', and teach the body and the mind to stop adapting, to go on 'holiday', to stop doing their job, and this leads obligately to weakness, to doubt, to death.

In that way, man becomes his own robot, his self clone, a murdered body driven by a mind plugged into an illusory channel, the 'Self Made Slave' that Etienne De La Boétie described so brillantly.  No need to force such a 'man' to obey to anything that forwards a security agenda, this is him. He is the one whom greatest desire is to be a good citizen, but that everyone around him should be too. Such a man is a cop for others because he is a cop for himself to begin with. Every people that looks too much 'natural', that is not 'in line' with the running society, that is even slightly 'different' is a threat to him and must be stopped at once.

Stability is on the other way the great provider, of material goods, because you can ask people to live any way you want as long as you provide stability, and the profit way that is the norm along the material power superiority operate each day in such conditions unbelievable earnings, more than all you would imagine. The rift between those that live lives long of total misery and those of total luxus has not been greater than today that the world is globally controlled in that aim, even if differently on the surface.

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