Monday, November 09, 2015


I'll tell you how 'They' play people against people ...
No, Not war, not anymore - Shocking ! Time is money, u know ? & Business is business.

Wars were the way to reach a global business controlled world, and the remaining conflicts around are still implementing that goal. No sole players, an all connected business earth, no more, no less. With individuals designed as consumers, and producers, the new slaves that are able to buy, to spend, to work, to buy, ...Just that, golden eggs human cattle.
Brands, illusion of power, of happiness.
Frightened people, servile people, some with more, some with less, some envying, some despising, but with the same goal: succeeding in materiality, no souls, no dreams except Hollywood's flares.

Do you know why the hell did 'they' get after Khadaffi or Saddam ???????????
Well, not what u think, really, but to flow illegals into old Europe because Europe needs workers, cheap workers, and the Arabs, the Turks do not work hard enough anymore. In the US, 'they' let in Latinos. In the Eu, it will be Syrians, Blacks, Irakis ... No, not oil, there is plenty, too much of it. 'They' need to keep the business wheel rolling, ever and ever, at all cost because, every day that passes under the sun, it is for 'them' a jackpot, for both big businesses and big governments, together, same pool of crocodiles.
And 'they' believe that 'they' are smart! Or maybe 'they' don't, after all, but they got the wheel rolling, 'they' got power and that's all 'they' want, not even money, because 'they' are the biggest fools around, the most dangerous fools.

But the real smart business is not theirs and, people, my people, brothers & sisters, the real business is all about life - not the magazine :) True life, the flight of thousand sterlings flying together with no master, no playmaster except the life they have inside, no program to perform except Life, just being who they are, and live that, and sending a patrol to chase an eagle that dared trying catching them, or send another 'pa trol' to distract another eagle while a group of youngs is passing by, life I say !! Or pink Flamingos meeting on the lake Borovia, north of Kenya, but not ten, not two hundreds, not two thousand, two millions !!!! No guide, no master, no nothing except the King of kings, the Life Bearer.
And 'they' believe that they can put life in their plans, business as usual, 'they' think, Ha, Ha, Ha !!!

Well, as long as the spirit is weak among us, 'they'll succeed in erasing the individual, because life is individual by definition, 'they'll succeed in erasing life, making it weak among humans, although  life is strong, although man lives some 80 years with no medecine, no doctor, but so much less in the 'system', so much miserably ! And 'they' impeach individuals to bond together for life purposes, to integrate the 'Life Drive', to be who everyone is meant to be: a living soul.

Hey ! Just look at the true power of life, when followed, illimited, incredible,and this is who we are, who we are born to be, NOT Americans (!!!), men, and women, and children, strong, beatiful, together, in the same 'drive', the One & only Drive, the Natural Drive, and, if you do not follow it, join it, you ARE NOT. That is, what you believe you are is not, is awayfrom what you're meant to be naturally, originally, all of usand, when that comes, you, you and you, and me will be who we are, 'they'll vanish but meanwhile, we are vanishing under their teeth, we're dying as strangers to ourselves, strangers to 'what is' because we're full with 'is not', with illusion of life, with stereotypes of death, of dark light, oflies, of despair and that's how 'they' love to see us, in their army now, clones, lonesome clones, living stones ...

And if we don't wake up, just wait for the next life form, the one that will superseed us, a super ant ? Anything but one thing is sure, it will come, just as man came, long ago. But what about now ? Here & now ? Everywhere life is, the real power, long lasting power, so much longer that Energizer, u bet !

Side with it, quit the illusion, the grand theater, the play you yourself have decided to play, the face you wear every morning that is not YOU but your own clone. Break the screen, your personal screen, pop out of it and reach life, that is, reach you, who you are, forever, now on !!!

But, still living in the Matrix ? Yes, but by th etime you begin to quit, to reconquer your self, seriously, with no way back, slowly, all is done, just go on toward the real you, little by little, no matter what because the goal is the mean, become yourself, enjoy every moment in any situation with that vision in your mind and you'll see, that's a new life, giving a smile, a hand, here and there because you have a goal, an eternal goal, a spiritual goal that exceed anything material, even diamonds, gold, platinium. Become a Human Being, HUMAN - BEING, BEING, BEING, BEING, FOREVER !!!!

Not worth ??? Ah, englishman, Ashkenazim, European mafia kings, Far east totems, step out of the Champs Elysées of Dior, Smith & Wesson, forget all that shit, don't live on a borrowed time, be free forever, from the inside, your choice people, really, I mean it !!! Love humans, whoever they are as long as they don't want to take you into their illusions because they are each and every one parcel of life, of upper life, of you. We're not alone, around, and we'll get out of 'their' horror game together or not, me included, be a man where there are no men !

Thanks, bless, Avi

"Life, sweet life must be somewhere to be found" TOGETHER, Bob is so right !!!

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