Wednesday, January 24, 2018


China is the NWO’s belly and, as we know, head and belly work together, translated: malevolent intelligence and usurped strength. The NWO is all round the world today, by will or by force. Its head is all the states’ mechanisms, pyramidal decision system, army, laws, administrations, police, energy control, land propriety*, education and health management … while the belly is the financial/economic power under the sun of ‘Free-Trade’ which should be called free oppressing.
Land does not belong to man, it is man who belongs to the land !!

Free-Trade imposes above all borders, and land sovereignty of powers to protect it. Free trade means in all reality imposed dictatorial governments dedicated to protect and profit of money power. Effectively, while governments are not powerful by themselves, they embody the need of supervision of an organized society and, since this need is primordial, or is looking like, they de facto have power by themselves beyond their Free-Trade protection role.

I like the term “Powers that be” because this is exactly what is around since dawn.  Humanity has evolved since its inception in a world of dominance of ‘the force’. The force has ruled the world since its beginning because man has hijacked it to dominate, to profit, to exercise wrongs. Mankind has diverted the primordial role of force toward illegitimate ends. Force is the patent of life. It is inherent in the universe, material and biological. But man has twisted its goal and has made of it an idol as an instrument of oppression.

Ultimately, governments are what the people deserve because it is the people who fill the jobs and vote for their own taxes, no one else. There are fighter planes because there are human pilots, for now on, but already mixed with robots. The theoretical answer is: stop being an intermediary of oppression. The problem is that society is moving in such a way that it is uneasy to divert from its course without big troubles. The solution is to prepare oneself every day to what should be tried one day, a human-humanity with no oppression and a true life sharing, to say it short.

This should be a daily and individual task for every one human being. The real Free-Trade to put in place is that of people to people, from heart to heart. This is the revolution. Smile to one another, no matter what !! After we talk but first smile !! Listen to one another and forget the money/material/illusory world going around. We must disconnect from it and recapture our nature of sharing in seeing a friend in the other but not a foe. This task cannot be done alone although its responsibility lies upon each individual.

It will take time but, step by step, the curve will change. That’s all that counts, in the long term. The trends for that matter are: family, family education, and not only the children, family oriented, nature, countryside, organic, do-it-yourself with the neighbors’ help, ask, and give, talk, share, be yourself about who you truly are, a being in search for happiness, shared happiness, worldwide happiness !!! Today, with a share wave, a change of hearts, of will, that can be done; the tech is here and instead of wasting it into devastating and stupid aims, armies, arms, police states, surveillance, monopolies, fights of all sorts, let’s use our tremendous potential toward equality, a real one not written in stone, justice, not weighted with a balance but abundant, raining help and love.

He who cannot will get in order to enjoy with the one who has,
we’re all brothers and our equality is our duty & goal,
or shouldn’t it ?

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