Thursday, October 19, 2017


We all talk of the NWO, or better said the Anglo-Saxon lust for a world domination (with a jewish component if you like although the word Jew has for long lost its natural meaning). I even mentioned as an opposite faction of World Order of the OWO, the European nobility and bourgeoisie of old that was the precedent force dominating the world. We even can speak of, and by the may more to the point, of an EWO, an economical world order that is what we have presently at the helm of everything around because, except in the Amazon jungle, eevrything has a price, even women, and without money, you're nothing. One cannot live without a bank account, no matter if it is in minus.

Humanity has always been materialistic and this is the only reason why, in our tech era, we are doomed as we feel we are. Man has never passed the point of possessing. Hundreds years ago, people wanted to possess land because there was few goods. Today, people still desire to possess material things. That is their goal. Nothing else. As I said, human beings are idolaters and this is the root cause of everything bad going around. The fight is to remind one another that before being material entities, we are souls, we are moral beings. What is important is the kingdom of spirit, of love, of giving.

I don't preach a kind of new age theory as many others do. Just read some of my precedent texts ... Evil is materiality, evil is in the surface, in the appearance. Good comes from inside, no matter who you are or how hou look like: this is the only real equality between humans, the ability to act as a good person and everyone has the same potential here. Consciousness is the level behind which everyone is equal.

Some are advocating now on Putin's path a MWO, a multipolar world order but don't be fooled, it will remain the same order of materiality run by money and controlled by arms, armies and laws. Our mouths are shut. The ghetto is everywhere because it is inside our strive for a material world, no matter who dominates it. No revolution, no secession can change that but an evolution from inside every single man and woman. And that process could still take millenias !!

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