Sunday, August 10, 2014

" I AM A MAN "

This short sentence that gets to think of James Brown is a lot more than a stage slogan. It is a spirit, a profession of faith, an affirmation of manhood at its highest level. Before being anything in the society, we all of us are natural beings just as are cats, lions, birds or oysters. We are living beings, born of a father and a mother, who ourselves give birth to other beings before heading to the ground. As a being, we are equipped from birth with a body, a mind and a soul which soul has a conscience of good and evil, no less than a dog that perfectly knows when it has done something bad and is coming back afterwards with a low tail to beg for his repentance.

Christianity has not only not understood the story of Adam and Ava but has perverted it with its false hypocritical allegation of an original sin. There is no original sin because simply, there could have not been any sin if there was not before it an original virtue. All beings bare this original virtue and the sin that may arise afterward comes from what's rotten in society in order to dominate by trespassing the limit of the primordial goodness. The snake is one of us, the one that has understood that, to become bigger than one's good neighbor, the only and decisive way to achieve such a treason is to trespass the original and general sense of good and instill into humanity ways to do so, illegally or even better, legally.

I am not an Englishman, not a Chinese-man, not a Rastaman, not a Christian-man, not a Jewish-man, not a New York-man, not a Caucasian, not ... I am a man. It is not by chance, maybe, that Mr. James Brown has been the king of Soul music !

To conclude, I would say that, as a Man, everyone of us has a consciousness that is higher than any law, past, present or future. As a Man, our law is that consciousness, our right is to become aware of its priority above all, our duty is to abide by this consciousness before all.

Most of the power of the 'Powers That Be' is by denying this consciousness as inherent to the individual and by pretending that we are all potential criminals as native sinners, "They" pretend to have all the rights to impose their laws while "They" trampede on them themselves. Their power is to give us the opportunity of sin only by putting a veto upon something they pretend to be unescapable, sin. Prohibition is a terrible weapon.

nb I believe that I have not been clear enough so, let's try to say it again.

Xtianity has forwarded the sin of Eve to every newborn to come after her as some kind of a genetic defectwhich is completely wrong.
Every man & woman is born pure as an angel and the sin of Eve & Adam is only repeated when children learn from olders that sin is possible and indeed the norn because of grown up people who use it to cheat on others for the sake of power.
When Eve & Adam saw that they were nude, it is because they had become adults and had failed to respect the Creator's wish for them to trust in the goodness of His will that they would remain pure.
This false understanding created the path for making of Jesus a man/god that would have redeemed a fallen humanity. Nonsense. Even Moses made mistakes but the greatness of man is to accept his failure but not believe he was made to fail from birth.
Society brings the failures unequivocably but man is born without them.
That we cannot escape to fail does not mean that we should not believe that we are born good, that God has not given us at birth the total goodness we are entitled to get since we are made in the image of God.
Sin comes after birth at the helm of a humanity that has never had enough will to fight sin among itself for millenaries.
This is reality, real reality my friends. God be blessed and may God bless us !!

Fighting to Remain a MAN

At the moral level, what does it mean to be a man ?

Well, to summarize, I would say that a man has to be straight, trustful, as a tree. Let me explain. When you walk in the countryside in the summer and you seek some shade to cool down, if you spot a tree, you know you'll get what you need. You don't expect the tree to hurt you do you ? You don't believe that, for any unknown reason, the tree may not like your visit and slapp you with one of its branches, do you ? A tree is a tree and you can rely on any tree to be what it is, a tree. A good tree. As a man, I should not be that much different from a tree. When I meet any another man, I expect him to be a man, a good man. No more, no less.

But, as it is fully natural for a tree to be a tree, a good tree, it is some kind of an effort for a man to be a good man. Not because he wasn't born a good man but because society considers vice as natural as much as virtue. Nonsense. Vice is not natural and only the humankind dares to admit it as a normal component of humanity, if only restricted by norms that are different if you are an African, a Rotschild, an English Lord or a North Korean peasant. So, it is perfectly admitted that you may lie, that you may be richer than a thousand others, that you may be brutal, unkind as long as it is not unlawful ... Fact is laws protect vice as much as virtue, if not more.

So, it is quite different for a tree to be a good tree and for a man to be a good man isnt'it ? For both, the natural way is to be good but for people, it is not that easy to keep the natural way afloat. The first reason as I have just said is that humanity has accepted vice as a fact, as an unescapable component of manhood, and as a primary way of success. It is much more profitable to gamble on vice than on virtue, ask the churches for instance ! Our problem is noone on earth can look in the mirror and say: "this is a good man" because we have been made complicit in so many wrongs, so many treasons, so many abuses that man's inheritance is guilt rather than innocence, a legacy of guilt, corruption, mutual mayhem.

What we learn has more to do with vice than virtue, history as it is, and as it is taught is an unending list of crimes, also the news, and everywhere is shame, remorses, fear, inequality, violence. We are born into it, we cannot escape it, we feed ourselves on it. Even in what is called entertainment, cinema, music do we find war like sounds and images. Then, before trying to be a good man, there is a huge fight not to become a bad man. This is not new but since we have been "modern men" since centuries, we should have resolved this problem. It is a shame that we have to bring up our children in the midst of such a perverted society and teach them of the evil hoping that they will know it and escape before being able to teach them what it is to be a good man, don't you think ?

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