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"Hidden mode": Germany is in South America

Germany - Austria ... no street view. Did u say "Homeland" ?
(notice  no country name)

Germany - Austria - Eastern Switzerland
(notice: Deutschland biggest font)

What is the world's power ?
Money ?
Selling goods, reals & virtuals.

Who's the leader, the best in its caterory ?
Germany, and Japan.
The knowledge is German, or better said has a German suit.

This German suit is embedded everywhere in the world where power plays.
From Engel to Nietzsche, from Ford, General Motors, Mercedes to Siemens, from Airbus to Yamaha, From Rolex to Strauss, from Einstein to Freud, from Lindt to Carl Zeiss, the understanding standard is German as is the quality reference, worldround.

This quality with a German coat hides different people. Native Germans, Ashkenazi Germans, English Germans, Scottish Germans, Swiss Germans and a fex North Italia Germans, American Germans, South American Germans, Japanese Germans, Korean Germans, Australian Germans, South Africans Germans, Benelux Germans ... is that all ? Maybe add Gibraltar, Rhodos, Sicilia, the Caribean, New Zealand, Canada in a direct link.

So, youy can add to the list Caterpillar, Boeing, Hitachi ... All the computer business, the bank & insurance, the trade, say 99% of the world's goods, technology, money  and minds.

What is the spirit behind such a world domination ? What are the consequences, actual and to come ?

What kind of a (human) mind is able to conceive and implement the idea of the NWO ?
First, the concept of the NWO is not a new one. A world order under the feet of a sole tyrant is as old as man. The Caesars of the past have nothing to beg for to their contemporary specimen. The roots of tyranny can be explained as such:
            as long as a man will view himself as superior to another,
            as long as a man will feel entitled to rule over the ones he deems inferior,
            as long as a man will have these two thoughts and will have the power to rule over the other or will find another man willing to unite with him for any reason possible, usually money, in order to oppress the ‘inferior’ one,
            the concept of tyranny will see the light and will be the dominant force that rules the world, as it has always been except in a few isolated communities, proof that it is not unescapable and that man is neither doomed at birth nor bad as a majority since the tyrants and their minions are always a minority who can overcome their number inferiority by gaining power on one side and by the weakness of the majority who consider abnormally oppression as natural and inescapable. And, can it be said, as long as there are poor, the rich are complicit in the oppression and, de facto part of the powers that rule.

            Now, who are the people that historically have created the actual tyrannical society we live in nowadays, tyrannical but apparently free, and which goal is nothing else than the old dream of ruling the world ?

We are looking at a people who is cozy, unimpressive other than by its technology, who sees itself as the world’s potential leader because of its natural superiority, a people that does not make waves because it must hide its dominance behind a peaceful and natural appearance, a people that is patient, hardworking, somehow naïve, a superficial dreamer because the very belief of being superior is quite childish, yeah, you name it ! You know, tiny dwarfs jumping in the garden under the full moon, haunted dark forests …

“ Deutchland über alles ! “

Then, judging by the deeds, as rulers, they are people who are the less oppressed by their rulers and the richest ones. Because, people who rule the world as tyrants are doing so for millenaries and it is obvious that they have benefited from that.

 They are not people who believe in God, whatever how He is called.

The idea of ruling the world by deception is a German one. The NWO has proven German roots at its birth with the Illuminati of the early 19th century. After having praised the power of the will, they desired to experiment the will of the power.

Don't you find it strange that there are French in France, Brazilian in Brazil, Chinese in China ... ? And that French are totally French, fully different from Germans or Italians ? Every nation has its character, its taste, its angel.

Germans have shaped the modern world, by their conservative moral, by their willing submission to the material wellbeing of life seen as a religion, by their understanding of technology as the sign of the only way an 'advanced' mind can bless and obey, by their love of debilitating dreams of romantism, of mysticism and of idolatry of the greatness of man as its own god. All this hidden by an appearance of simplicity, of dignity and of wisdom.
Behind the order they cherish above all stands an immeasurable pride, a boundless egoism and an incommensurable disdain for all that is foreign to them.

Most of the modern science and its application comes from German minds, jews & non-jews but it is the same: an imperialistic, a “Nemrodic” mind. The German 'Jews' are not Jews at all but rather fully German.

So, since our current materialistic-dreamer, German dominated world is also a cultural world, we are all brought up in a german mind, reality for fiew, dream for most ...



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